Monday, May 12, 2014

Musical Musings Volume 6


This 6th volume of articles from my classical music blog Musical Musings deals with chamber music, which is by definition music written for a small group of musicians, most often with each instrument having its own individual part.  The term chamber music also refers to the size of the venue that the music is to be performed in, such as salons, parlors and small rooms in individual dwellings.  This sense still applies today, but chamber music can also played in larger venues such as concert halls.

There are many different combinations of instruments within chamber music.  Perhaps the most well-known chamber music combination is the string quartet, which consists of two violins, viola and cello.  But the combinations of instruments range from two instruments up to nine.

The articles contained in this ebook range from the 17th century to the 20th century, with well-known and not so well-known composers represented. 

Chamber music by its nature a very intimate form of music. There is beautiful, powerful and passionate music within the genre that is unique to chamber music. I hope this modest volume adds to the musical pleasure of the listener by giving some information about the composer and analysis of the specific works being discussed, as well as an internet link to a performance of the work.